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    Anna Barrow

    Senior Yoga Teacher - Reiki Master - Sound Healer


    Yoga Classes - Holistic Healing - Yoga Getaways




    I help people reclaim their bodies, their energy fields and their potential to experience true connection and joy in movement, contemplation and meditation. I help people heal, find balance and know true happiness in the present moment.

    Come to class and find out.....







    Moon Day Lunar Yoga Nidra Meditation



    Mars Day Goddess Activation


    10:30am FRIDAY CONNECT

    Inner Chill for Spiritual Fire Starters






    Dynamic Yoga

    Tuesday 6pm


    Restorative Yoga with Yoga Nidra

    Tuesday 7:30pm


    Gentle Yoga

    Wednesday 11:15am


    FeelGood Friday Outdoor Yoga

    Friday 10:30 Sandpit Field



    E-mail me at threetreeyoga@gmail.com to reserve your place


    Feel more positive

    and motivated


    Reduce stress and combat fatigue 


    Tone and become more flexible


    Have a clearer and more focused mind


    Feel more comfortable and confident


    Cultivate a sense of inner peace and have more restful sleep

  • Anna Barrow

    Certified Yoga Teacher : Yoga Alliance RYT 500

    Anna's journey

    Yoga has always been an integral and natural part of Anna's life. When Anna was a child, her mum, a former dancer, had a daily Iyengar yoga practice which Anna began joining in with from the age of 5. Anna continued her own yoga practice all the way through her performance degree at Dartington College of Arts and went on to develop a programme of yoga for performers which she taught to theatre companies in Spain during her seven years of working as a professional actress.


    Alongside her performance background, Anna has always had a keen passion for teaching. She first began teaching Theatre and English workshops in 2000 and has since taught internationally. Throughout her teaching she has always incorporated yoga techniques and found them to be an effective tool for supporting students to help optimise their learning.

    In 2012 Anna brought her passion for teaching and yoga together. She trained as a Yoga Instructor in the Himalayas and completed the Yoga Alliance 200 hours training with Rishikul Yogshala. After her intensive training Anna began working in The Rios de Bienestar yoga school in Barcelona. After an extremely positive reception to her teaching, Anna set up her own yoga school in 2013 which quickly established itself as a thriving and dynamic centre for yoga in Barcelona.


    To continue her development, alongside teaching, Anna completed training in yoga assists with Jai Sugrim and Olga Oskorbina, Vipassana Meditation, and studied intensives with Patrick Broome and Yogeshwari from Jivamukti Berlin. Anna has done workshops in uddiyana bandha, Chakra Flow by Shiva Rea, Hip Openers, Inversions, Sanskrit, and has a working knowledge of Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Restorative, Yoga Nidra and Yin Yoga Practices.

    Anna returned to The U.K. in 2015 and spent two years teaching in yoga studios in London, offering corporate and private classes plus completing an additional 100 hours of training with Yoga London focusing on yoga philosophy and mantra. Finally she settled in Dorset where the landscape is inspiring and the air is clean. You can find her close to the sea teaching yoga in studios, on Paddle Boards and on Retreat.


    In 2017 Anna completed the Yoga Alliance 500 training with Yoga Arts, focusing on Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy (specific yoga practices for specific people with specific problems) as well as Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Children with The Special Yoga Foundation.


    In 2018 Anna qualified as Reiki Master with The Reiki Academy London and completed training in Sound Healing with Anne Malone. In love with the bowls and their enormous capacity to promote healing, in 2020 Anna travelled to India where she delved deep in Sound Healing trainings and brought back a beautiful range of Tibetan singing bowls and other instruments. As well as teaching yoga Anna offers Sound Healing sessions one-to-one and group sound bath experiences.


    Anna's vast background in both teaching, yoga and healing modalities has provided her with exceptional teaching skills. She has a conscientious approach and confident ability to respond to the needs of each individual learner and to create an inclusive environment. Yoga continues to be an integral part of her way of life and she is passionate about learning and sharing, growing and making the teachings accessible and available to others.




    Anna profoundly thanks the many amazing teachers who have led her to lead a happier and more purposeful existence, and is grateful for the opportunity to share these awesome and effective techniques with others.

    Hari Om

  • Testimonials

    “ Anna is not only an extremely gifted and dedicated yoga teacher but she is also a delightful human being. Her wonderful sessions are seamless and varied, life enhancing and peace filled. She focuses on each of us – tailoring poses to suit our individual levels of ability and checking to make sure we are performing them correctly. I have benefitted enormously from attending her classes - both in mind and in body and would now be lost without her.” Charlie, Artist


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    “I’d never tried yoga, but always felt it could play an important role in my life. I travel a lot, so it was tricky to commit to a regular class, and I hadn’t yet found a teacher I felt I could begin my journey with. That’s why Anna’s private classes worked for me. Not only because she scheduled sessions around my timetable, but because I clicked with her instantly. Trust in your teacher/mentor is so important when you’re embarking on a new discipline of any form – and I instantly trusted Anna, implicitly. She’s a bright and brilliant communicator, inherently encouraging and nurturing, and she’s also lots of fun too. I came away from my first class feeling enlightened and empowered, and very quickly, her classes have become the ultimate ‘me time’! She’s a beautiful soul to know and spend time with, who’s entirely focused on helping you get the most out of every moment of your class. Through a few private lessons, I now have a basis to practice at home, by myself. I can’t wait to see what a few years’ more learning with Anna brings...”

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    Singer, London

    "Throughout my life, I have attended many yoga classes because I've known it would be good for me and though I have enjoyed the sensation afterwards, I haven't necessarily enjoyed the practice itself. This has all changed with Anna. Since working with her I have savoured every moment of every class and grown to love the practice of yoga. Anna is a very skillfull teacher with a wonderful capacity to respond to the needs of her learners and a very natural and nurturing approach. Since I have been doing her classes I have noticed an immense improvement in my health, vitality, energy levels and overall mood. I always look forward to every class with Anna and can't recommend her classes enough."

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    Teacher and Coach for Young People, London

    "Anna´s classes truly demonstrate her passion for teaching. I feel totally energised and more in touch with my body, and what I am able to achieve. She supports you in every aspect of developing your practice"

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    Actress, Barcelona

    A wonderful, tailor-made, private class at Three Tree Yoga last night has completely refreshed me! Anna's clear, concise instructions and intuitive teaching style made my re-introduction to yoga (after 10 years of not practicing regularly) a pleasurable and calming experience. A beautiful space, with incredible views. I simply cannot recommend highly enough!

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    Land and Wave

    Outdoor Activity Team

    We’ve been lucky enough to have weekly private classes from Anna for a few months now and can’t explain enough how great they are. We all agree that it’s the best yoga class we’ve ever attended and look forward to the class every week. Anna's personal touches and tailoring the poses for each of us each week makes it standout from anything we’ve ever experienced. Can’t recommend her enough, such a patient and attentive teacher. We leave each week feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, healthier, stronger and looking forward to next week already - Thank you Anna!’

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    Retired psychotherapist

    To say over the past 3 years Anna’s yoga classes have changed my life would be an understatement. I am 68 and have tried yoga a few times over the years but it just didn’t work for me. Approaching retirement, I wanted to try Anna’s classes and from the start they just felt right. I like a challenge so the small dynamic class is my favourite but I value the range of classes on offer and sometimes join a gentle class. During the covid months the outside classes in summer and zoom during winter have been wonderful. I always feel the benefit on a physical, spiritual and emotional level and have grown in all these areas. Anna is professional, warm, funny, supportive and encouraging.

  • Yoga Retreats

    Take time just for you....

    Check the BLOG for the latest retreat opportunities

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    Group Classes

    Small bespoke groups ensure tailored and personalised teaching

    Fusing asana and pranayama with motivating music. Three Tree Yoga classes take you on a journey as you warm up, tone up and tune up.

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    Private Classes

    Special time just for you

    "Anna's classes are joyful and leave you feeling energised. I always feel more grounded, positive and productive with my yoga"


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    Sound Healing

    Be transported to a place of deep rest & relaxation

    "In beautiful surroundings I was treated to a magical sound healing from Anna. From the moment it began, I felt transported somewhere heavenly. My body, mind and soul followed the sounds and I felt electrified, but at the same time blissful and protected. Anna’s intuition is amazing, and she guided the sounds delicately to where they were most needed; my solar plexus and heart chakra. I was suspended in a symphony of sounds as she played the Tibetan bowls, Gong, Sansula, and chimes. I didn’t want it to end. Afterwards, I felt like I’d been released of all the tension I’d been carrying around for so long. I was light, serene, full of gratitude to have shared that experience with such a wonderful healer. I look forward to many more sessions in the future. Thanks, Anna!"



    Cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic (28th March - 2nd April 2020)

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    Yoga Holiday

    Join Mel and Anna as they guide you through an unforgettable journey of the chakras. In this nourishing and balancing retreat each class focuses on one of the seven energy centres in the body to help us get aligned energetically as well as tuning up physically.

    Drawing on years of teaching experience Anna and Mel fuse a blend of vinyasa flow, yin yoga, guided meditation, aromatherapy, yoga nidra, pranayama, sound healing, mudra and mantra.


    Stretch, tone and strengthen the body while you restore, revive and balance the energy!


    What makes the chakra balance retreat so special is the compassionate and inclusive teaching style (a shared passion for making yoga accessible for everyone is what brought Anna and Mel together), the unique exploration of the chakras (drawing on years of study), Mel (also a massage therapist) gives beautiful assists and heartfelt flows, Anna (also a reiki master) will help you to experience the more subtle vibrations of prana (energy) nada (sound) bhakti (joy/devotion) - and together they will help you to take your yoga to the next level!


    Expect a week of yogic exploration (two yoga sessions every day), delicious locally sourced organic vegetarian/vegan food, stunning Andalusian countryside, laughter and smiles, space to develop, comfortable accommodation, all with a friendly and relaxed vibe.


    This holiday will provide you with the space and time that you need to reflect, relax and find peace.


    This is the amazing YOGA dome at Suryalila - underfloor heating and stunning views! And only 15 places on our retreat giving lots of space for each one of us


    Yoga Holiday 28th March - 2nd April 2020

    I am hosting this retreat with amazing yin yoga teacher and massage therapist, Melanie Hutton. Click here for more information on the accommodation and prices:


    This is the amazing YOGA dome at Suryalila - underfloor heating and stunning views! And only 15 places on our retreat giving lots of space for each one of us


    Yoga Holiday

    "I loved the program - perfect mix of physical practice, calmer yin and meditation. But the absolutely favorite part was the talks, stories Anna and Mel shared about yoga and about the thoughts of different chakras, just loved it. I have not paid too much attention to the theory behind certain parts of yoga practice, so it was all new to me, and I found it very interesting.
    At home I do lot of yin (with help of a you tube/ insta account) but thanks to explanations during the retreat I will get so much more out of my own practice at home going forward. "
    Salla Osterman - Sweden -Chakra Balance 2019-

  • You are unlimited potential

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    A long weekend retreat on the Jurassic Coast for those who love to be near the sea, to feel the sand between their toes and hear the sound of waves. The schedule includes four SUP sessions, yoga on the beach and a yoga nidra with sound healing.



    Select a date and time to book.